AVAPE – The best in everyone

AVAPE (The Association for Valuing Persons with Disabilities) is a philanthropic social assistance organization dedicated to serving, defending the rights and promoting the inclusion and training of persons with all kinds of disabilities, in addition to persons in situations of social risk.

The Association was founded in 1982 in São Paulo’s ABC region and is considered a management model, having been the first in the world to be certified to ISO 9001 by DNV – Det Norske Veritas.

With a growth plan for the years ahead, the organization expects to open at least one unit in each Brazilian state through the FENAVAPE (the National Federation of AVAPES) and the project for expanding the AVAPE Network, which has the support of  the International Technical Cooperation Program of the IDB (The Interamerican Development Bank) and FUMIN (The Multilateral Investment Fund).

The mission of AVAPE is to promote the abilities of persons with disability, so as to ensure their autonomy, safety and dignity for exercising their role in society. The association offers a full service covering out-patient clinics, development of social coexistence skills and professional rehabilitation and training, in addition to job market placement.